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Bluecorn Candle Care Toolkit

Bluecorn Candle Care Toolkit

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If you're serious about your beeswax candles, then you know a little care helps them burn their best. Wicks need to be trimmed before re-light and sometimes nudged back toward center after a very long burn. Tapers are more likely to burn dripless when gently extinguished with a snuffer. This 4-part kit makes candle care easy and elegant.
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Customer Reviews

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Candle Care Kit

Vert pleased with the product.

Rose Wilson
Candle Care Toolkit

The toolkit is made of nice heavy metal and they work like a dream. I am very pleased with them.

Nice set

The 3 candle care tools fit nicely into the included tray, keeping the floor + hearth free of numerous wax drippings. The wick re-direction tool is great, the small end is just the right size. The wick trimming tool is too large + clunky for smaller candles like votives. I haven't used the snuffling tool yet, The large size seems suitable for tapers only. Overall, it is a nicely matched set.

Nancy Palumbo
Wonderful toolkit

This toolkit has devices shaped perfectly to accomplish what they were designed to do. And I don't have to pick wax off of a regular scissors after trimming wicks. The tray keeps them organized perfectly

Beth Mange
Great candle accessories

These tools are made well and have helped me take proper care of my candles. I would recommend them to anyone.