The Bluecorn Story

bluecorn beeswax cabin in mountain woods


In the winter of 1991, my home was a tiny, one-room cabin in Telluride, Colorado. It was there that my friend “Baker” Steve taught me how to dip a beeswax candle. With no electricity, we worked by candlelight, often dipping well into morning. When finished, we could barely move through the cabin while hundreds of still-warm tapers hung from rope strung wall-to-wall.

In those early days, I was most concerned with how much snow had fallen during the night and if there were still hot coals in the wood stove come morning. More than three decades later, this legacy of simple, spirited living is at the heart of what we do at Bluecorn. We make candles from clean, natural ingredients — honoring the bees that gather the pollen and create the wax, as well the craftspeople that build our candles with presence and care. In today's all-too-busy world, the act of lighting a flame inspires us to pause, connect and be more mindful — to feel more at peace. It's an opportunity to return to simple.

Jon Kornbluh,