Support People, Pollinators & the Planet on World Honey Bee Day!

In honor of World Honey Bee Day, we've teamed up with Heifer International and WeHero to create a delightful, pollinator-themed gift box in support of Heifer's Honeybee Program

This collective effort aims to grow thousands of native pollinating plants, donate hundreds of hives to developing communities, and support millions of bees.

Each gift set includes a variety of delightful honey bee swag, from cute pins to stickers, as well as a mini pollinator garden kit and, of course, some Bluecorn Beeswax candles! Profits from the sale of these gift sets go to support Heifer's work promoting sustainable, equitable and pro-pollinator agriculture all over the world. 

Click here to purchase the gift box via WeHero. 

Pictured here: Cooperative member Simon Pedro Fernandez de Leon cuts open cells of a comb during honey harvest in Mexico. (Image courtesy of Heifer International)