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Beeswax Botanica Scented Candle in Blown Glass

Beeswax Botanica Scented Candle in Blown Glass

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These blown glass vessels, each a unique work of art, are our way of celebrating the divine alchemy of bee and blossom. Hand-crafted by artisans in Mexico, this amber glassware is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, looks like molten honey, and reveals the maker's hand in every bubble and curve. These candles really are breathtakingly beautiful - something you are sure to hear from friends, family and party goers. 

Our Botanica beeswax jar candles are a clean, simple blend of raw beeswax and pure essential oils - nothing more. The large, 22oz 3-wick candle, is a visually striking centerpiece and will produce a stronger hot throw (scent strength while burning) because of the larger burn pool. The smaller, 8oz single wick candle, is great for spreading the light (and scent) throughout a space and of course, for strategically combining with other Botanica scents.

We know this gorgeous glass is an investment, that's why we've made custom refills (you can even subscribe to refills to keep yourself in good glow and save 10%).

Lavender: A wonderful blend of aromatic lavenders. This soothing bouquet contains Italian, Bulgarian and French lavenders.

Lemongrass, Cassia & Rosemary: Spicy citrus top notes of tangerine, orange and lemongrass, a heart of rosemary and cinnamon, herbaceous dry down.

Cypress & Sandalwood: An earthy, citrus aroma with bright orange top notes, a heart of copaiba balsam, and a woody base of patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Spruce: A blend of fir needle and spruce with a faintly sweet balsamic base. 

Cedarwood, Nutmeg & Lavender: Herbaceous lavender top notes, a sweet heart of ylang-ylang, and a woody, musky base of cedarwood.

Vanilla: A delicious creamy, intensely sweet, and slightly spicy vanilla.

Eucalyptus & Orange: Cooling and clarifying eucalyptus top notes, a super juicy orange heart, and an herbaceous lavender dry down.

Tangerine & Geranium: An herbal-floral-citrus aroma with top notes of tangerine,
middle notes of geranium, and a mild, dry herbaceous base.


  • Trim wicks to 1/4" before each lighting.
  • To avoid tunneling, allow the burn pool to reach the edge of the container before extinguishing.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.  


  • 8oz : 2.5" Diameter x 3.65" Height (6.3cm x 9.3cm)
  • 22oz 3-Wick: 4.25" Diameter x 3.8" Height (11cm x 9.7cm)
  • Each blown glass vessel is handmade and unique, so you can expect some variation in size. 
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Blown Glass & Beeswax: A Celebration of Craft, Sustainability & Beauty

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marie Martin

Beeswax Botanica Scented Candle in Blown Glass

Michaella Stross

These candles look absolutely gorgeous while burning

Beautiful addition to our home!

Our family had given up paraffin and soy candles a while ago and my husband really missed the scents and the beautiful atmosphere they can contribute to within our home! We finally took the plunge and bought these at the recommendation of a friend and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve lit them on the long fall/winter evenings, the smell is delectable and our children love to gather around, watch the flame, and blow them out when the time comes. We also got an essential oil candle we cannot wait to try out!!

Nice scented candles

I really like that these candles don't have a ton of chemicals in them. Just beeswax and some essential oils. I also love the container is refillable. Makes me excited to burn through and try out some new scents.

Sydney Guentner
Not the greatest smell

While I do like the concept that beeswax candles are better to burn than other candles, these candles aren’t my favorite. I ordered the vanilla one and it doesn’t smell awful, but it doesn’t smell great. I think the smell of the beeswax is more overpowering than the added scent. The lavender mix candle does not complement the smell of beeswax; therefore, that one is my least favorite. I wanted to absolutely love them, but I don’t think the smells are worth the money. The jars are pleasant and double as decor!

'Hi Sydney, Thanks for this candid review! For sure if you're not a fan of the smell of pure beeswax, then our Botanica line is probably not a great fit -- our essential oil blends are intended to compliment the smell of beeswax as opposed to replace/ cover it. That being said, I'm happy to share that we're hard at work on our first-ever 'fragrance-forward' line of candles in coconut wax. This is a new space for us and we're excited to soon be able to offer folks vegan, highly-aromatic, clean-burning candles. If that's something you're interested in trying, please let us know, we'd love to hook you up with a discount code when we launch. Thanks for trying Bluecorn!'

Many thanks!