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Advent Candle Beeswax Taper Bundle - Pink & Purple

Advent Candle Beeswax Taper Bundle - Pink & Purple

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This candle bundle includes a pair of our Dusty Rose beeswax tapers along with three pairs of our dark purple, Eggplant.

Perfect in an Advent wreath, these hand-dipped, pure beeswax tapers will burn drip-free for one hour per inch of length.

Dimensions & Care

  • 8in. x .875in. (7/8")
  • 10in. x .875in.
  • 12in. x .875in.
  • 16in. x .875in.
  • To prevent dripping, keep away from open windows, fans or excessive airflow of any kind and place your hand behind flame when blowing out.
  • Another trick to prevent dripping is to NOT trim the burnt wick before re-lighting! The long curled wick that you find should just be lit as is. Please note, this is different than all other candle styles that do benefit from regular wick trimming. 
  • To minimize smoking use a snuffer to extinguish flame.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smell from the dye??

These candles must have some kind of smell from the dye (especially the purple). They do not have the lovely beeswax smell. The normal beeswax smell is muted by some other unpleasant smell.

David Lally
Excellent candles

I am a loyal customer of many years; thank you for keeping the quality high and the prices fairly reasonable. The latter is important; please don’t raise prices because things are not easy and I would love to continue to buy beeswax from you. We appreciate your work.

Marie Augros
Advent candles

They are beautiful! We love them.quality!

Beatrice Maria Szele-Szechenyi
Excellent customer service!

Bluecorn goes out of their way to resolve any issues. I’ve been using them for years and for the first time, there was a mistake in my order. Jennifer responded and very generously fixed everything without any delay. You don’t get this kind of customer service often these days anymore. I am very grateful!!!