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Raw Beeswax Taper Variety Bundle

Raw Beeswax Taper Variety Bundle

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We put together this raw beeswax taper bundle to make creating gorgeous candlestick displays easy and fun. This bundle includes one pair of every length of our raw beeswax tapers 8", 10", 12" and 16" for height and variety. Each hand-dipped taper candle burns for one hour per inch of length.


  • 100% Pure Beeswax dinner candles
  • Paraffin-free & lead-free, non-toxic & hypoallergenic
  • Each candle burns one hour burn per inch of length 
  • Great for wedding decor, holidays and celebrating the everyday 

Dimensions & Care

  • 8in. x .875in. (7/8")
  • 10in. x .875in.
  • 12in. x .875in.
  • 16in. x .875in.
  • To prevent dripping, keep away from open windows, fans or excessive airflow of any kind and place your hand behind flame when blowing out.
  • Another trick to prevent dripping is to NOT trim the burnt wick before re-lighting! The long curled wick that you find should just be lit as is. Please note, this is different than all other candle styles that do benefit from regular wick trimming. 
  • To minimize smoking use a snuffer to extinguish flame.
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Customer Reviews

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thomas yessen
another purchase!

These Candles go perfectly with my decor and arrived safe. They took some time to arrive because they got lost! However, they were eventually sent on the correct route. They arrive before Christmas. T.Y.

Diane Matthes
Bluecorn 16in Tapers

Very lovely candles! So satisfied with their clean, smokeless burn, non-toxic, no metal wicks and
non additive, pure beeswax. Grateful and in love with bees and using these reusable resource candles.
Love LoVe, LOVE 💙💚

Perfect Gift

Love the options