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Clearance - Pure Beeswax Tea Lights - 48-Pack

Clearance - Pure Beeswax Tea Lights - 48-Pack

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We recently updated our packaging! While supplies last, we've put first-quality candles in our old packaging on clearance. Otherwise, these factory 2nd tea lights have small cosmetic flaws that you probably won't even notice. They will burn beautifully.

Scented by honey and colored by pollen, these are beeswax candles in their purest form. Our clean-burning, non-toxic beeswax tea lights are a beautiful way to bring warmth into any space. Use just one to accent a special photo, or use a dozen to fill a room with starlight. Regardless of how you use them, you can be certain that our tea lights will burn clean and bright for up to 5 hours. And be sure to check out our recycled glass tea light holders below.

*All Factory Seconds Beeswax Tea Lights are sold in bulk cases of 48 candles


  • Burn Time: ~ 5 Hours
  • Clean, non-toxic burn
  • Lightly filtered beeswax
  • Cotton wick - no lead or metal
  • Clear cup is reusable and recyclable poly-carbonate
  • Aluminum cup is recyclable

Dimensions & Care

Clear cup = 1.5in (dia.) x 0.75in (ht.)

  • Tea Lights are built to burn in their cups. If you are using a tea light in your own holder, be sure that holder is just big enough to fit the tea light and no larger. 
  • To maximize overall burn time let the Tea Light burn at least 1.5 hours per burn. This will ensure all of the wax is melted and used.
  • When a Tea Light is towards the end of its life let it burn till it goes out. This too will lengthen the overall burn time.
  • Always burn candles on a level surface. Never leave a lit candle unattended.
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    Customer Reviews

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    These lovely golden beeswax tea lights burn beautifully with a subtle scent of honey. Very comforting and nice to know they’re purifying the air too!

    Kathy Kilgore

    Clearance - Pure Beeswax Tea Lights - 48-Pack


    So happy to find these -and on sale! Perfect! Great candles, fabulous price!

    Clearance - Pure Beeswax Tea Lights - 48-Pack

    BLUECORN Clearance - Pure Beeswax Tea Lights 48-Pack are perfect beeswax candles. I bought 2 boxes of these 48-Pack candles. They are the best candles I have ever bought. They burn clean. No smoke coming from the flame as they burn. They are great for people who have allergies or asthma because of the clean burn. They are paraffin free and lead free. The candles never contain toxic paraffin wax, harmful fragrance oils or have a lead-core wick. I buy the raw (natural) clear cup style because the cups are reusable. These candles are handcrafted and with a sweet honey scent intact. I highly recommend the BLUECORN Candle Company. Best candles ever! Thank you BLUECORN for the work that goes into the process in making these candles!

    Duncan Tam
    thank you.

    Thank you.