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Hand Forged Lotus Pillar Base

Hand Forged Lotus Pillar Base

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The lotus is a sacred symbol of rebirth, purity and strength — a perfect foundation for our 3" and 4" diameter pure beeswax candles.

Tom Bennett of Bennett Forge Works is our friend and neighbor. He is also an incredibly gifted blacksmith who cares about beauty and durability. His hand-forged candle holders are hefty to hold and imbued with character. They are a perfect compliment to our super high quality candles.

Our forged lotus holder will take both 3" and 4" diameter pillars. You can see examples of both in the images to your left and you can see that the 3" pillar will nestle down into the holder a bit more.


  • Hand forged
  • Rustic and contemporary elegance
  • A perfect complement to our beeswax pillars

Dimensions & Care

  • 9.0in dia. x 1.25in ht.
  • Simple dusting; occasional furniture polish can be used for added shine.
  • To remove wax, place holder on aluminum foil in toaster/oven and heat at 150 for 10 minutes. Wipe clean with cotton rag.
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