Winter Candle Scents that Warm and Uplift

Winter Candle Scents that Warm and Uplift


Our new line of fragrance-forward candles are perfect for filling your home with potent, nontoxic scent all winter long. 

The Woodsy is our most festive, alpine scent — blue spruce and pine with undercurrents of balsamic for complexity and balance. Your Christmas tree may have come down, but your spirits don't have to!  

The Arroyo candle features plenty of spice -- think black pepper and nutmeg -- as well as bursts of grapefruit over a sultry, cozy base of amber and moss. The perfect candle to accompany a night in reading or watching movies.

Beeswax Botanica

Pure Beeswax & Spruce Essential Oil Candles Winter Whispers: 17 Enchanting Scents to Embrace the Season.

Pure Beeswax with Essential Oils of Lemongrass, Cassia & Rosemary: This blend of warming cinnamon and clarifying lemongrass is ideal for fans of mulled cider and hot toddies. 

Pure Beeswax with Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Nutmeg and Lavender:  For folks looking for an elevated, all-natural take on the iconic Pumpkin Spice blend. 

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