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Sustainable Savings: Bluecorn Beeswax Refill Candles for Blown Glass Candle Holders

There are so many reasons to love beeswax container candles – flexible burn times, hot throw (scent while burning), safety, and, of course, the beauty of the vessels themselves.

At Bluecorn Candles we believe that investing in craft naturally creates more sustainable and equitable supply chains, that’s why our beautiful handmade candles come in ultra high-quality glassware made by artisans from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Our blown glass candle holders don’t just look nice, they’re explicitly designed to facilitate reuse and refilling.

As you might imagine, partnering with skilled craftspeople to make bespoke glassware isn’t the cheapest way to produce a candle holder. But if you’ve ever sipped from a blown glass cup or burned one of our glassware candles, we think you’ll agree – blown glass is a cut above.  

The bubbles, ripples and swirls in blown glass reflect the maker’s hand, their very breath, the heat of the furnace, even the story of what that glass held before its new life. The artisans we partner with carefully select only the highest-quality bottles to melt down – empty apothecary and homeopathy vessels that are shot-through with color, never painted, and engineered for heat tolerance. 

We think our amber glass candle holders look like molten honey, especially when the golden light of a pure beeswax candle filters through them.   

Glass that gorgeous is an investment and it deserves a long life. Our smaller blown glass candle jars make sweet juice glasses and the larger 3-wick glass is great as a catchall on entryway tables. But we think the highest reuse for these vessels is to live on as intended: as candle holders! 

That’s why we offer custom refill candles at up to 30% off the full candle price. If you subscribe to refills for our blown glass candle holders, you’ll be tapping one of the most sustainable – and cost-effective – ways to include our handmade beeswax candles in your daily rituals.

Bluecorn beeswax candle refills come in both single and 3-wick varieties. We also offer scented beeswax candles that include subtle, intoxicating blends of pure essential oils. 

Because beeswax has such a high melting temperature and is totally solid at room temp, the refills can be very minimally packaged — we simply wrap them in butcher paper and ship them to your door.

Want to reduce your footprint even further? Beeswax has a wildly long shelf life, so you can always buy in bulk to keep yourself in good glow year-round. We always offer free shipping on orders over $100 and an additional 10% off on orders over $300. 

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