Non-toxic Candles, Non-toxic Podcast!

Non-toxic Candles, Non-toxic Podcast!

Bluecorn is proud to partner with the delightful podcast Non-toxic to support their second season! 

Non-toxic is a podcast devoted to connecting the dots between the manosphere and the atmosphere. Hosted by journalist Daniel Penny, each episode features thought-provoking conversations with leading experts and everyday guys about the ways masculinity has become entangled in the climate crisis, and how we can repair the two.

We’re particularly excited to share the latest episode, an interview with Nathaniel Rich, author of Losing Earth: A Recent History. It’s a fascinating conversation about the little known history of those early years, when scientists, politicians, and policy-makers were all in agreement that something had to be done to lower carbon emissions—and how at the crucial moment—they failed to act. There are some surprising insights about what went wrong, how we talk about climate change, as well as what we’ve learned about moral urgency since the 1980s.

Daniel is an award-winning American journalist based in the UK with bylines in the New York Times, GQ, the Financial Times, the New Yorker, and elsewhere. In 2023, he and producer Andrew Lewis were feeling frustrated by how few men seemed to be engaged in the climate conversation and how men’s media in particular was failing to talk to men about what is arguably the defining issue of our times. They started to wonder if this silence was an accident or a product of bigger cultural forces and beliefs about masculinity and the natural world. Thus, Non-toxic was born.

For its second season, Non-toxic has partnered with Bluecorn Candles because “We share the same values,” says Penny, “Making something slowly and sustainably, with a commitment to excellence. Bluecorn is a brand with integrity, run by people we trust.”

The feeling was mutual! In Non-toxic we found a podcast that was crafted with care and emotional depth, on a set of topics that are more important and urgent than ever before. Just as nontoxic candles are for everyone, so is the conversation about how we care for the people around us and the planet we call home. 

You can find the Non-toxic podcast on your streaming platform of choice. You can also get a discount and support the podcast when you buy from us using code NONTOXIC. 

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