How to get the longest burn time from your beeswax votives

How to get the longest burn time from your beeswax votives

Bluecorn's Beeswax Votives are the workhorse of the beeswax candle world. With proper care, these utility candles will burn for as long as 15 hours each, making them a great bang for your beeswax buck. Here's how to get the most out of your votives: 

Gif depicts beeswax votives in three kinds of holders. Votive in the center, fitted holder, out-burns the others.

  1. Use a (fitted) holder! Votives are engineered to become molten while burning, filling their container. It's a Goldilocks situation. You want the holder to be just right. If you don't use a container, your votive will burn well for a few hours and then melt into a pile of unused beeswax. If you use a container that's too large, you'll run out of wick before you run out of wax. If you use a container that's just right, you'll watch your votive fill in any little gaps and then stabilize for a nice, long burn. Do yourself a favor and pick up a holder that's just wide enough for our votives (height is less important than diameter). We're partial to these 50% Recycled Glass Votive Holders, available in a a wide variety of colors. 
  2. Trim the wick: Before re-lighting your votive (or most any beeswax candle) it's always a good idea to trim the wick to about 1/4". Trimming candle wicks prevents the wick from "torching" (burning hot and smoky), extending the overall quality and duration of your candle's burn. 
  3. Burn to the edge: Each time you light your votive in a holder, allow the melted wax to reach the container wall before extinguishing. This will help you get the longest overall burn time and reduce cleanup when it comes time to refill. 
  4. Finish strong: Once you're down to about 1/4" of wax, go ahead and let the votive burn right through until the wick self-extinguishes. Beeswax has a very high melting temperature, so if you blow the candle out this late in the game, it's unlikely that the remaining wick will have a chance to melt and use the last of the beeswax before running out. 
  5. Refill! You can refill your holders over and over with our Raw Beeswax Votives. Our 18-packs offer your best per-candle price. 
  6. Enjoy :) Votives in glassware are great indoors and out! 
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