Getting Candlelight Right

Getting Candlelight Right

People burn candles for all kinds of reasons: to fill a room with scent, to mark a special occasion, to elevate the everyday and, of course, to shed light. 

Candlelight is perhaps the most flattering and soothing light on earth — a love letter to the present moment and those you’re sharing it with.

Here’s how to get the best glow from your candles. 


Choosing the Right Container 

Lots of container candles are sold in concrete, ceramic or metal vessels. Many of these holders are lovely and if the only reason you’re burning candles is for scent, they’re just fine.

But if you’d like light to actually emanate from your container candle, you gotta go with glass.  

Bluecorn beeswax candles in blown glass

Our favorite candle holders are artisan-made blown glass, which contains bubbles and warps that filter the light and evoke molten honey. We sell our Pure Beeswax and Beeswax Botancia candles in these holders, as well as custom refills. 

For folks seeking both strong scent and great glow, we recommend our new Aromática line. These coconut wax candles are scented with clean, potent and inspiring fragrances, poured into beaded amber glass that casts cool shadows and transitions easily from traditional to boho and contemporary styles. 

Bluecorn scented coconut wax candles in amber beaded glass for glow

Beeswax as Container: Pillar Glow-Through 

The simplest container for a beeswax candle? No container at all. Because of its high melting temperature, a large beeswax candle will naturally form a side wall of about an inch in height as it burns. The light from the candle flame suffuses this beeswax lantern with golden hour glow. 

bluecorn beeswax pure beeswax pillar glowing golden as it burns

Taper Candles for “Task” Lighting 

Dipped beeswax tapers are an age-old candle technology for a reason. Their shape keeps the flame exposed throughout the burn and their height elevates the flame to shed maximum light.

Taper candlesticks are also wonderfully flexible. Their narrow width allows for a wide range of burn times. Light one of our tapers for a 10-minute meditation or a 10-hour holiday feast — no wick trimming required. 

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I really enjoyed this short, informative piece on types of candles/ lighting. Learned a lot—and I thought I knew a lot already. Thank you.

Barbara Bricker

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